Coronavirus study shows U.S. is not ready for worst scenario

A new data projection of the U.S’s best-case coronavirus scenario, where 20% of adults are infected over 18 months, paints a picture of strained hospitals operating at 95% capacity. The very worst-case scenario, with 60% infected over a six-month span, would mean the U.S. could need more than seven times the number of available hospital beds than it currently has. Anna Werner breaks down the study and speaks to experts about the implications of the road the country is currently…


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New nursing home restrictions announced l ABC News

Many facilities are taking action to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, including restricting visitor access. READ MORE: ABC News… source Related posts:Coronavirus Testing: U.S. Residents Share Their Woes | NYT NewsCoronavirus outbreak: U.S. healthcare system under pressure after spike in casesPresident Trump addresses the nation on the coronavirus outbreak […]